A multi-award-winning content creator with six years' experience, I specialise in copywriting, editing, proofreading, and blog writing. I've produced high-grade work for brands including the Premier League, Hilton Hotels, and Domino's Pizza, while writing in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Forbes, and TechRadar. 

My creative background has also seen me work with photography and produce an award-winning video documentary, using creative applications including Photoshop, InDesign, Aperture, and Final Cut Pro.

When I'm not working, my life revolves around the simple pleasures of food and drink. A dab hand with a kitchen knife, I enjoy eating, drinking, and experimenting with recipes on a daily basis. I like knowing where my food comes from and the science behind it too, so I make my own bacon, grow my own herbs, and even brew and age my own beer and whiskey.

Thanks for stopping by my website, and please be sure to check out my content around the site. I'm always happy to discuss anything you see here further, and you can find an overview of my skills, experience and accomplishments below. If you wish to get in touch, don't hesitate to contact me using any of the listed methods!

Current Location



Copywriting and Editing

Social Media Management

Blogging, Press, and News Articles

Photography/Videography and Editing

Use of CMS platforms including LiveWhale, WordPress, Squarespace, and Urban Airship

Six years' copywriting, media, editorial experience

Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Apple iLife, Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks, Final Cut Pro X

Speaker of English (native) and German (B1)

Understanding of brand tone of voice and representation

Extensive experience workingstudying in the UK, USA, and Germany

In-depth academic or industry-targeted research

Shrewd understanding of the digital and mobile industries

Three years' retail experience, one years' professional kitchen experience


The Richard Holstein '68 Prize for Ethics
What's Happened to the House That Murrow Built? (2014)

Awarded to the graduating senior at Washington College whose senior thesis best demonstrates an interest in ethics and the application of ethics to their area of interest.

Inducted member of Pi Sigma Alpha,
Washington College, March 2014

Selected for induction as a full member into the United States National Political Science honour society, Sigma Beta chapter.

Best of Show Award, 60 Seconds or Less Film Festival
En Route: 18 Months on the Move (2014)

The headline award, given to the best overall project at the annual film festival held in Chestertown, MD. 

Avant Garde Award, 60 Seconds or Less Film Festival
En Route: 18 Months on the Move (2014)

The award recognising the film best displaying global awareness at the annual film festival held in Chestertown, MD.