Agency Experience

I spent 2014-2017 working with multi-award winning digital agency, Future Platforms. Based in London and later Berlin, I provided copywriting and occasional digital strategy for clients including Domino's Pizza, Premier League, Wembley Stadium, EE/Glastonbury, Ralph Lauren, and more.

I also contributed to new business strategy, and oversaw the agency's marketing efforts, responsible for determining tone of voice, brand personality, trend areas, and research projects. After leaving London for Berlin, I was retained by the agency as a freelance resource and continued to provide copywriting, marketing, digital strategy, and new business services.

During my time with Future Platforms, the agency reached unprecedented levels of commercial success, gaining increased press exposure and winning numerous industry awards as a result of our work and my awards submissions. Below is a summary of my work with the agency.

Premier League Away Days & Get In! mobile apps (2014-2016)


Working with the Supporter Services team at Premier League HQ, I was responsible for creating, editing, and proofreading all copy for the Premier League Away Days app. Comprising stadium guides, travel information, and directories for bars and restaurants, the app was designed to help make matchdays easier for away supporters.


Following successful launch, much of the app's content was then re-mapped and included in Premier League Get In!, a similar app aimed specifically at supporters with accessibility needs.


Agency Marketing

Responsible for overseeing all marketing efforts at Future Platforms, my duties included the creation of all client case studies, research reports, email newsletters, awards submissions and agency blog posts.

In 2016, the agency fundamentally redesigned its website, branding, and tone of voice. As both Lead Copywriter on the project, and the agency's Marketing Executive, I was responsible for creating all copy and establishing tone of voice/brand guidelines; ensuring site content was accurate, engaging, and optimized for our target markets. 

During my time at Future Platforms, the agency reached new levels of commercial success, winning a double-digit number of industry awards. These awards were achieved both on the strength of the work created by our digital team, and the quality of the entry submissions I authored.

Below are a selection of screenshots and links to content I created for Future Platforms; more are available on request.

Case Study: Premier League Away Days app

Research Project: Increased adoption of mobile by over-45s comes with security and user experience concerns

Case Study: Domino's Pizza UK & ROI mobile apps

Blog Post: In Depth - Bolstering traditional businesses with digital